Editions TV Show Looks at 4 Reasons to Buy a Second Home

Right now, the real estate market is considered a buyers market.  Over the last few years, home prices have fallen dramatically in most major markets, and interest rates on home loans are the lowest on record.  Both of these reasons makes it a really good time to buy real estate. You can find amazing country houses for sale.  However, what if you already own a home?  Should you buy a second home?

Editions TV with Terry Bradshaw looks at some major reasons why now is the time to consider buying a second home.  For many people, they go to the same few places all the time on vacation, and this can be a great reason to buy a second home.  But what other factors are there to consider?  What should you know?  Here are some of the key things to think about when considering buying a second home.

The Financial Implications

The first thing to consider about getting a second home is the financial implications of it.  As mentioned earlier, right now, home prices and interest rates are both very low.  This can make it financially easier to buy a home than it would have been in the past.   However, as Editions TV show points out, it can be incredibly difficult to get a loan right now.

Lenders are being very strict with who they lend to.  In order to get a loan on a primary residence, not even a second home, borrowers have to have impeccable credit, with very high credit scores.  As such, you may have to put much more down on a second home, or even pay all cash.  However, since prices are low, this can be a good investment.

 Editions TV on Family

Family is important to most people.  And having a comfortable place for everyone in the family to get together at is very important.  Having a second home can also be a second home for the entire family.  This can be a place where birthdays and reunions happen, or even fun family events like Thanksgiving or Christmas.  When you have a second home, it is more than just a place, it can be a meeting place for the whole family, who can hopefully enjoy it for years to come.

A Home Away From Home

Plus, having a second home can be a home away from home for you.  Instead of staying in a hotel, staying in a second home should be much more comfortable.  With a second home, you can decorate it exactly how you would want to.  You can furnish it with your belongings, and put up your family pictures.  That way, when you stay at your second home, it is just like being at your primary house.  That really makes it a much more comfortable place to stay than just any lodge or rental house.

Plus, when you have your own home, you can cook and have all the amenities that you’re used to having.  This can make it much more comfortable than a hotel room or something similar, and can be great if you plan on having family over.

Making It A Smart Investment

Finally, Editions TV with Terry Bradshaw believes that you can make getting a second home a smart investment.  First, if you travel a lot, look at how much you spend on hotels and lodging for the year.  Then, look at what the cost of a second home would be?  If they are close, why not invest in a second home that would probably provide you with more amenities that you would normally get while you’re traveling.

Second, a second home can be a good source of income when you’re not using it.  If you are thinking about getting a second home in a tourist area, you can leverage that home to be a vacation rental when you’re not using it.  There are many vacation rental firms out there, and they can handle the logistics of it while you just enjoy getting a paycheck when you’re not there.  And when you want to stay there?  You just let them know.

How to Use the ADX Stock Indicator

The ADX indicator can be a useful tool when it comes to gauging whether a particular trend is worth following in terms of investments. The indicator was created back in 1978, and the letters stand for the Average Directional Movement Index.

Most people are familiar with trends and how they can influence our need to buy something. If a particular fashion look is trendy, more people are liable to buy it. But every trend is only likely to last for a particular time. This means those fashionable slacks you have may not be so trendy next year, so you’d likely ditch them before then.

Spotting trends

The same thing applies in terms of the ADX stock indicator. It allows you to see whether a trend is weak or strong, and you can thus gauge whether to buy or sell your investments – in the forex market for example – as a result.

Generally speaking if you see an ADX value that drops below about 20, you can consider that to be a weak trend. The lower it goes the weaker it will be. Conversely if it should go above 40 it will be an indicator of a strong trend.

Which indicator is the most important one to be aware of?

In truth, both ends of the scale are worth looking at. You don’t want to invest in things that have weak trends because they aren’t likely to go anywhere or get you any particularly good results. Of course you can keep an eye on them in case things change, but generally speaking you should ignore them for now.

The interesting ADX indicators are those that start climbing. Some say anything above 25 is worth looking at, so you can see that an indicator measuring 40 is well worth a closer look.

Should you abandon all other methods of choosing stocks?

No – using the ADX stock indicator should form just one part of your overall strategy to find stocks that are worth investing in. If you use the ADX indicator for just one thing, it should be to find the magic number 25 and to see whether the trend is going up or down from there.

This will help you spot the strong trends and avoid the weak ones. A value of 25 that starts going up will be well worth taking a closer look at, for example. If you use this indicator along with a number of other tools, you can narrow down your investment options. Hopefully you will arrive at a far better result than you would have had before.

The ADX stock indicator takes a little getting used to if you have never used it before. As with any other stock picking method, it makes sense to have a few dry runs and to ‘invest’ in chosen stocks in a virtual sense first to gauge your success rate. You can then work out whether you want to go ahead and use it more often.

Business Day TV Features Computer Storage Services

Computer Storage Services is an information storage company that provides a variety of data backup services for companies of all sizes.  Computer Storage Services provides a range of onsite and offsite computer backup and storage solutions, with most companies choosing a combination of both services.

Business Day TV with Terry Bradshaw looks at how Computer Storage Solutions provides ideal storage and backup solutions for businesses of every size.  They have a variety of features and options that will work for most small to mid-sized businesses, and they provide an extremely reliable solution for most companies.

Business Day TV on Storage Solutions

The bottom line for most businesses is that information is only as safe as the place that it is stored in.  There are a lot of factors, both manmade and natural that can impact data storage.  That is why Computer Storage Solutions has designed redundancies to product data against a wide variety of potential disasters.

For example, you want to make sure that your information is safe from power failures, Internet security issues, or even manmade software issues.  Plus, there are always natural disasters that you need to be aware of and plan for.

Business Day TV show looks at how Computer Storage Solutions is a state of the art facility housed in a bunker-like building that is designed to withstand most disasters.  Plus, the facility is designed with a wide variety of back-up devices to ensure 99.9999% uptime.  For example, there are multiple transformers feeding the power to the facility to eliminate possible power failures.  Should grid power failures occur, the facility also has multiple diesel and gas generators to power back-up systems to ensure the datacenter keeps running.  Finally, there are multiple Internet feeds to the building to ensure that outside Internet access remains intact.

Also, Computer Storage Solutions is platform independent – meaning that it doesn’t matter what type of computer system you normally use.  Computer Storage Solutions works with all varieties of operating systems and software programs: Windows, Linux, Unix, Apple, MS Exchange, Oracle, Lotus, SQL, Novell, VMWare.  This means that no matter what data you have, Computer Storage Solutions can back it up and protect it for you.

OnSite/Offsite Options

Computer Storage Solutions also offers a variety of onsite and offsite storage options for businesses.  Business Day TV highlights how every business is different and may not have the same storage needs.  That is why it is important for services like Computer Storage Solutions to provide a wide variety of needs for businesses.

Computer Storage Solutions has an onsite storage device system that can facilitate fast large file restores locally.  Typically large file restores cannot be done over the Internet easily because 200 GBs of file transfers can exceed a month on some Internet connections.

For small file restores, they can be done over the Internet or locally, since they can be done much faster.

However, even in a worst case total data loss of large files, Computer Storage Solutions can provide all data on a disk and restore the files manually.

Security For All Businesses

Finally, security is just as important for businesses as is safety of the data.  For companies dealing with customer information, a breach of security of customer data, like Social Security numbers, can be detrimental to their business from a trust and liability perspective.

That is why Computer Storage Solutions is FIPS 140-2 Certified, meaning that it complies with the Federal Information Processing Standard that is internationally recognized for cryptography products, and was developed by the United States government for use by all government contractors.

This means that if you utilize Computer Storage Solutions to secure your data, you can be sure that your information will be safe and secure, and that unauthorized individuals will not be able to access it even if it is stored remotely.

How the Commodities Market is Standardized

Most people have heard of the commodities market. But there is a big difference between knowing about it and understanding how it works. Commodities are so called raw products. These could be food items, types of energy or different precious metals to name just a few.

The issue of standardization and how it works

Unlike other types of trading platforms, the commodities market requires all traded items to be standardized. This prevents substandard items being traded for the same price as superior items. Each item traded has a specific set of instructions and details applied to it, so the commodity falls into a specific grouping. Many different aspects of a particular commodity can be gauged, but among the most common are the quality of the item and where it comes from.

The amount of the said commodity will also have an effect, with rare commodities reaching higher prices typically because they are more sought after than commonly occurring ones.

Would the commodities markets work if standardization didn’t exist?

It is fairly reasonable to say they would fall into disarray. In fact trust in certain commodities may be eroded because the potential buyers wouldn’t know exactly what they were buying.

Let’s look at an example using one commodity in particular – wheat. If you wanted to trade in this commodity at present, you would be assured of several things. You would know the commodity is reliable, available and of a certain quality, otherwise it would not be listed on the commodities exchange. This gives you the confidence you need to consider it as a potential investment.

Now let’s think about what would happen if standardization did not exist. In this situation you may think twice about such an investment. After all, with no standard parameters in place, how do you know whether the wheat is of high quality or poor quality? Furthermore do you know where it is based or how much of it there is?

All of these parameters – a staple part of the standardization process – give the buyer confidence in what is being offered. Without them buyers would probably shy away from investing in these commodities – and that could spell disaster for the market as a whole.

Needless to say, the very nature of raw commodities means they are not necessarily all the same. To this end, the standardization of the process makes it easier to regulate the marketplace so buyers find it easier to tell which items they want to invest in. Whether it is wheat involved, or something else entirely such as a raw metal, it is important to ensure everything on the market is of approvable and identifiable quality. Without this structure in place, the market simply would not work.

So the next time you consider getting involved in the commodities market, be aware of the existence of standardization. It is one of the best indications there is of the quality of whatever you happen to be interested in investing in.

Using Foreign Stock Brokers

If you want to start investing in the stock market, you have two options open to you. You’ve either got to go it alone and make your own investments, or find a broker to do it for you.

This sounds easy on the surface, but if you want to invest in foreign stocks you may want to think about using foreign stock brokers instead of those in your own country. Of course some stock brokers do deal in stocks outside their own country – a lot will depend on the size of the company the broker works for and whether they deal in such markets. So this is worth a look before you do anything else if you are already using a broker.

But if you’re starting from scratch, here are some tips for using stock brokers based abroad that are well worth bearing in mind.

Look around and do your research first

It’s wise to suggest you don’t just jump in and select the first stock broker you come across. There are plenty of them out there, and if you’re selecting one in a foreign country it can be even more difficult to know whether you’re picking the right one or not.

Fortunately the internet has made the world even smaller than it was when we first started using commercial airplanes. Use it to your advantage and research each potential broker you are considering using. Use more than one source to find out about each too.

How easy is it to contact them?

If you chose a broker in the US you’d be able to pick up the phone and call them without worrying about hefty phone charges. This doesn’t apply for foreign based brokers.

In addition, you need to consider whether there might be a language barrier. This won’t apply in all countries, but if you’re in the US and you’re thinking of using a stock broker based in China you might have a problem.

Consider the conversion rates for charges

Remember too that conversion rates will apply if you’re converting your US dollars into a foreign currency. Make sure you work out some sums and find out what charges will be levied if you opt to go with a particular broker. This alone can make a big difference to what you make on a successful deal.

As you can see there are several points worth thinking about before you dive in and find a foreign stock broker. Alongside all the regular points to consider, there are several more that become more important when you want to hire a stock broker in another country. If you think about the above points and make sure you know the process to expect before doing anything, you’ll stand a much better chance of making this task easier and more successful.

There is a lot that could go wrong when you go down this route – but equally there is a lot that could go right as well. Make sure you pick the best outcome by doing your homework first.