4 Responses to 3 Ways Small Savings Goals Can Make a Big Difference

  1. krantcents says:

    I always made savings a priority! If you start with your savings as a goal, you can cut your expenses to match your goal. It helps I have very little debt and I will pay off my mortgage/car loan in less than 4 years.

  2. moneyahoy says:

    Just ensure your goals are linked to financial dreams that fit with your interests and desires. All too often I see people that develop a goal to save X, when it isn’t linked to any particular dream. As a result, they find it almost impossible to hit their goals. If you have that dream as your foundation, you will find it almost impossible to falter!

  3. Herbert says:

    How much so ever hard I had tried in the past, I wouldn’t be able to save. I don’t know it has never sounded that appealing to me. Perhaps, a too big task to do, and I wanted to ignore it! But now I know, even if comparatively small, these little savings could well build pillars.

  4. Great article. The concept of small savings is a great idea. I personally believe in saving small amounts rather than a big amount in one time. Because when we thinking of saving a big amount one time, we will consider it as a huge amount and an unattainable goal. But when we split it into small amounts and divide it into weekly or daily saving, it will be seen as a easily attainable one.

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