Different types of vehicle insurance

UntitledMost of us know a great deal about standard car insurance. We understand third party, comprehensive quotes, voluntary excesses, and all the terminology that surrounds that aspect of the industry and as a result are comfortable jumping onto the likes of moneysupermarket.

It is very important to have the car insurance in OC just in case, heaven forbid, something unfortunate happens like a car accident. However, there are certain laws about it, you can consult http://www.tjwillmakeempay.com/Wilder-Park-Kentucky-Car-Accident-Lawyer and the Car Accident Attorney – The Jones Firm for more info.shtml

There are, however, a number of other types of vehicle insurance that you may be less familiar with. In this article, we will take a look at several types of insurance available, so that you can make a fully informed decision. If you have a vehicle that falls under one of these categories, then you should consider going to a specialist classic cars insurance company. If you need more information, click here to learn more about car loans.

Classic car and motorbike insurance

Classic cars are our pride and joy and we work tirelessly on them to ensure they are in pristine condition, but we also have our contacts where you can get the best Audi A1 deals on the market. For Van owners I have always recommend One Sure Insurance because it´s probably one of the most reliable companies out there. We invest in our classics and we expect a return on investment in the future should we wish to sell them. One of the main challenges we face as classic car owners is the uncertainty around which of the many insurance options available is the right one for us. We may not be able to drive our classics as much as we’d like, so we need to have peace of mind that they are in safe hands, waiting for us in the garage.

Similarly, your prized motorbike may not be your daily transportation choice. You may just enjoy her/him at the weekends for instance. Standard insurers don’t usually offer the best policies on motorbikes, especially performance motorbikes and so again, you should consider a motorbike insurance specialist if you are looking to insure your motorcycle.

Camper vans

Camper vans are another example of a vehicle that falls outside the standard reach of insurers. Essentially, you have a home on wheels when you are away on holiday so your insurance will need to cover you whilst you sleep. If you need motorhome or camper van insurance, it is best to speak to a mortgage broker to discuss the best type of policy for you

Performance car insurance

Most insurers run a mile when you tell them you drive a Ferrari. The quotes you receive for performance vehicles may well blow your mind. This is due, in part, to companies not knowing how to assess the risk you pose in driving the vehicle. In speaking to a specialist company that has experience of insuring performance vehicles, you will be able to achieve a more realistic motor insurance quote. It might be worth noting that many insurers will favour you if you have an advanced diving license, so be sure to mention that if applicable.

Van insurance

Vans have very different purposes based on whether they are used for leisure business. You may well be moving heavy objects, and the physical profile of the vehicle is obviously much wider and longer than normal vehicles. You therefore need to secure pecialist van insurance. You also need to be aware of the mileage limitations and passenger limitations outlined within these van policies.

Insurers dictate varying stipulations as to the maximum mileage you can cover in a 12 month period for example and adhering (or not) to this will affect your insurance quote.

If you are buying a vehicle that is outside the norm for you, make sure you conduct research around the different policies available, rather than going for a mainstream provider that perhaps won’t understand your requirements as well as they should, and likely won’t provide you with the best quote possible.

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