Does Age Have a Bearing on Investing?

This is an interesting question, and yet it may not be one that has ever occurred to you before. However when you look at it more closely, you’ll come to the conclusion that the investment goals of a 57 year old person will be very different from the goals set by an 18 year old. Indeed you could say the teenager may not have any goals at all because they’ve got plenty of time to think about stuff like that. Conversely the person who is nearing retirement has to think about their investment goals now, and whether it is too late to set up any new ones.

So yes, age certainly does have a bearing on how you invest, why you invest and what you hope to get out of it. It also stands to reason that you should review your investment goals from time to time. You might start out at the age of 20 with a firm investment goal in your mind. But if you let that goal stand and you reach the age of 30 before you review it, you may find it no longer serves your needs as it did originally.

This means it is well worth thinking about whether you should get different investments at different times of your life. In reality an investment that is ideal at the age of 18 isn’t as likely to suit someone aged 57. However there are conditions to that assumption. For example, if the investment was a short term deal it may be suitable for both age groups. However if it is a long term investment, perhaps over ten years or more, it may not be ideal for the person who is nearing retirement.

This is why it makes sense to think of your age and circumstances whenever you consider starting a new investment. It also makes sense to bear these factors in mind when you are thinking about changing an existing investment or bringing it to a close. Life changes and sends us curve balls from time to time, and what may have worked once may not work anymore once you get to a certain age.

Of course, every investment must be carefully considered before you jump into it with both feet. However some investments will make more sense to people of certain age groups than they will to others. For instance, someone aged 18 is in the perfect position to set up a pension for their retirement, even though this is several decades into the future. Someone aged 57 won’t consider this type of investment because they may only have a few short years until they retire. As you can see, age has a bearing here, and this isn’t the only situation it is relevant to.

So the next time you consider changing an investment plan or starting a new one, make sure you are able to bring your age into the equation. It may make your decision easier to make.