Five Trends in Modern Investing with Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau

As the CEO for fund management at PGC, Guillaume Jalenques de Labeau is familiar with the challenges facing the modern investor in the current global marketplace. Recent economic downturns have affected potential returns on investments across the globe; however, opportunities still exist for investors willing to think outside the box and consider new possibilities in the financial marketplace. Here are five of the hottest current trends in the investment world.

#1. Socially Responsible Investing

Considering the societal and environmental repercussions of investment strategies can provide added peace of mind for individual investors in managing their monetary transactions. For corporate entities, engaging in socially responsible investing policies can provide valuable credibility in marketing their products and services to green-conscious consumers. This can improve the company’s public reputation and may boost sales in younger demographics. Choosing environmentally responsible and socially progressive investments can be the key to unlocking the youth market on a regional, national or international level.

#2. Renewable Energy Purchasing

The increasing role of green-friendly energy sources to include wind farms, solar energy devices and other renewables in providing power to consumers and businesses has made them an appealing investment choice for forward-thinking companies and individuals. Additionally, the cost of buy-in for these renewable investments is surprisingly affordable in comparison to potential profits as fossil fuels gradually lose their dominance in the energy industry and renewables become more accepted in the general culture.

#3. Emerging Markets

Despite some slowing of growth in emerging markets, these impact investments continue to offer solid feel-good credentials for investors and reasonable profitability from a financial standpoint. Performing necessary due diligence is of critical importance when choosing investments in these growth markets; finding the right investment firm or advisor can ensure that investors take advantage of the right infrastructure and industry investments in these developing nations.

#4. Diversification

One valuable lesson from the recent financial downturns is the value of diversifying and expanding portfolios to include a comprehensive mix of short and long-term investments in a wide range of industries. Technology funds, real estate investment trusts and energy markets continue to be solid choices for most investors, but thinking outside the box and identifying newer and more profitable investments can also provide solid support for small and large-scale investors in today’s volatile marketplace.

#5. Thinking Bigger

While PGC primarily pursues investment opportunities for European investors with a special emphasis on acquisitions in France and the surrounding areas, taking a global approach can often provide increased opportunities for profitability and financial growth. By expanding a regional or national investment strategy to include international opportunities, investors can often achieve increased returns on their investments.

Working with a reputable investment advisor can ensure a balanced and diverse portfolio and can increase profitability in the modern investment marketplace.