How to Dodge Investment Scams

If you have only just started to consider the options you have in terms of investing your money, you will no doubt be considering lots of different investment opportunities. It makes sense to see how many options you have and what they are, because this is the only way there is to be sure you choose the best financial investments for your needs.

But at the same time you do need to be very careful of straying across scams of various kinds. We’ve all heard of Ponzi schemes and we all think we wouldn’t fall prey to them. But whether this is true or not, there are still many other types of scams out there that could be waiting around the corner to tempt us.

So how can you be sure you don’t get caught out? Here are a few things to be aware of.

Always do your research

Research is critical before making any kind of investment. But if you have come across an investment opportunity offered by a company you have never heard of you definitely need to put this tip into action. You also need to give it special consideration if you are looking into a new type of investment you may not have knowledge of.

Doing your research takes time, but it is better to spend time researching something now rather than wishing you had later on, when you’ve lost money on something that looked and sounded good at the time.

And remember, if anyone tries to tempt you with an opportunity but isn’t very keen on providing information about their business history or investment history, say goodbye and walk away.

Remember the golden rule…

This applies in lots of different areas in life, but none more than finances. The rule is this: “If it sounds too good to be true, the chances are it is just that.”

If you bear this in mind you can reduce the odds of being tempted by something that sounds terrific but in reality probably just wouldn’t work.

Don’t assume all dodgy scams are internet based

There are certainly a number of investment schemes that have glossy websites and much more besides to back them up. But they are not restricted to the internet, and indeed they began long before this particular medium came to fruition.

If you are approached by anyone who has news of an excellent investment opportunity, make sure you check them out just as you would with anything else in life. Don’t let them make the decision for you.

Finally remember there is no such thing as a sure investment. It is quite common for people to tempt you to join one scheme or another now because it is about to close. Never rush into something for fear of losing out. You could well lose out if you do rush through the door before it is closed in your face. It always goes back to that first point – the need to do your research.

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