Ideas for Good Investments

In the current economic climate, most people consider investing to be very risky business. People are much more skeptical about what constitutes a good investment, and the Great Recession didn’t help matters in the least. However, things are beginning to look up, and although we’re nowhere near out of the woods yet, reports are surfacing from the likes of Forbes and USA Today that highlight ideas for good investments.Let’s take a look at some of the suggested investment ideas that may be good options for you to sink money into in 2012.

Consider Growth Stocks

A few different publications have been highlighting growth stocks as good options for investing right now. You should try to to seek out companies that have a steady, proven track record of growth despite the sagging economy. The prime candidates for your dollar are companies that display good pricing power – businesses that demonstrate they have what it takes to grow their revenues and earnings in a harsh economic climate.

Go Global

With all the money trouble coming out of Europe, you need to make sure that you keep some of your investments global. Checking out corporations with worldwide reach will better shield you from the financial crisis going on in European countries. Plus, global companies can find growth areas in Europe even during a downswing, so you’ll have that on your side, too.

Buffett and Others on Tech Stocks

You should also think about tech stocks. According to this post on, 2012 has ushered in a slew of predictions from Warren Buffett and others regarding their faves for tech stock picks. According to the post, Chuck Carlson, the Dividend Reinvestment Plans editor at Forbes, recommends Intel (INTC) as his top pick this year. Carlson recommends Intel because the company currently enjoys a great market position and a divided of 3%.

Legendary stock-picking gurus George Gilder and Warren Buffet – notorious for their disagreements – have actually agreed on Intel as a safe pick as well. This fact alone should tell you something about the expected performance of the company this year.

Natural Gas May be a Winner

Another safe bet for 2012 would be putting your money in domestic energy stocks. The great thing about investing in these kinds of stocks is that you are not only putting your money in a safe place, you’re also keeping it at home in the United States by investing in domestic natural gas and luxury Pearl Set.

Some analysts even believe that enough investors may be able to help the U.S. make the transition from chiefly importing energy to primarily exporting at some point in the future.

Look to 2011 for Further Ideas

If you’ve scanned this list and you still can’t seem to find stocks that you like, don’t fret. Many of the stocks that did well in 2011 are projected to perform in a similar fashion this year as well. The market is down, and the risks are lessening, but investors are still fraught with woe about the outlook. Things are expected to level out, however, and the slow recovery is the reason that last year’s winners are a safe bet for this year, too.