Office and Home Fire Safety Rules that can Save your Life

There are many health and safety regulations in the workplace designed to keep employees
safe, especially when it comes to fire. It may seem like there are a lot of rules to follow, but
the day may come where following the rules could just save your life.

Fit smoke alarms from at regular intervals throughout the
workplace to detect the first signs of fire. Test the alarms every three months and change the
batteries annually whether they are running out or not. Your safety is our priority you can prevent fire accident in your home, for more information visit fire sprinkler inspection make your house safe all the time.

Every 10 years replace all smoke alarms with new ones even if they appear to be working just
fine. It may seem like a waste, but if it saves a life it’s worth it.

Only smoke in designated smoking areas and be certain to extinguish all smoking materials
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Keep tidy at work and don’t ever block off emergency exits. Clutter can not only provide fuel
for fires, it can prevent people from being able to escape a burning building.

Fit appropriate fire extinguishers from throughout the building
and make sure there are plenty of people who know how to use them properly. Hold regular
reminder sessions and make sure key members of staff have attended fully certified training

Store chemicals and other hazardous items correctly in accordance with HACCP regulations.
Make sure these regulations are clearly displayed wherever chemicals are used or stored.

Always follow instructions on disposal of containers that have previously held chemicals.
Always wear protective clothing if required.

Report any electrical hazards or other potential fire risks immediately when you see them.
Don’t ever presume somebody else will take care of it or put it off because you are busy, or
you could be risking lives including your own.

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Keep on top of machine maintenance and make sure all electrical equipment has an up-to-
date safety test certificate clearly displayed.

Always read the fire safety regulations for your building. These should be clearly displayed at
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but if not, ask