Three reasons to outsource your payroll to online services

Whilst an in-house accountancy might seem reliable, it is often much more beneficial to outsource your payroll needs to an online service.

More than just being online, which has the benefit of being highly accessible any time of day or night, there are a few other advantages that you might not have considered. Whether it’s the reduced cost, automated process or the expert knowledge behind the service, there is plenty to benefit from outsourcing your payroll to a reputable online service.


To put it simply, most businesses can’t afford the cost of keeping accountants in-business to monitor the payroll duties. It can be expensive, offering minimal benefits. Since it’s a regular and inevitable cost, there would be little you could do in the way of saving costs with this option, however an expert firm of Accountants will help keep your finances in order.

Even when you can afford it, it takes away a lot of staff hours. Doing some basic maths, by figuring out or determining how many hours each week and month are spent on managing payroll accounts, will show just how much time is being wasted on the payroll.

The alternative then, is to outsource somewhere cheaper. Since these companies regulate the payroll of various businesses, rather than solely relying on your custom, the cost is much more reduced.


Being online, the payroll process can be automated to a certain extent. Since it’s a regular procedure, it makes sense to have it done at specific points without constant input. It should still be monitored, of course, but by being automated you can save a lot of time and energy.

Furthermore, by being an outsourced automated process, any errors are not your responsibility. Should anything go wrong, the online service will quickly and effectively remedy the situation. Not only does this ensure that everything is in order but it will keep your employees happy as they get paid on time.

Knowledge and insight

Finally, online services work in a similar fashion to an accountancy firm, in that the staff and company providing the service understand the complicated system of the payroll and related taxes. This means that you’re entrusting your payroll, and the related money, to the hands of knowledgeable professionals such as Sage One.

More than just an expert opinion, having these accountants monitoring your payroll means you have access to professional advice. Both you and your employees will most likely have a limited understanding of the payroll system and the online service can easily explain any situations to you and your employees; keeping everyone happy in any situation and allowing for greater peace of mind. This, in turn, should hopefully keep the workforce happy, increasing productivity.

In conclusion, these are only a few of the advantages available when you outsource to an online service. Reliable and effective, online services are becoming a very popular option. If you’re looking to improve your payroll, than this might be an option for you too.