3 States Where People Flock to Retire

After a long working life filled with scrimping, saving, and raising a family, many people look forward to their golden years eagerly as they approach. The average lifespan is increasing as medical technology improves, and the economy is causing the cost of living to skyrocket. These two factors combined make it imperative to protect that nest egg you’ve saved so diligently to create for yourself over the years. A great way to keep your hard-earned retirement dollars in your pocket is to move to a state where the cost of living is reasonable, the unemployment rate is low, and the healthcare is accessible. Let’s look at three of the states that meet these requirements and have retirees migrating to them in the thousands.

1.       Tucson, Arizona

Nestled in the mountains and sunny year-round, Tucson is one of the best places to retire in the country. The area is full of retirees, and there more than 1250 retirement facilities and care communities in the area. The median income in Tucson is $32,353, and the median price of a home in the area is $121,265. The property taxes in Tucson average around $800, so living in the area is a great way to stretch your retirement.

2.       Portland, Oregon

The community in Portland is great. The majority of people in this location are married, and the median age of the average Portland citizen is 36 years old. There’s plenty to do in Portland – from restaurants to museums, art galleries to the great outdoors, there’s something for all retirees in Portland. The average working family in the area makes about $50,000 and the average house price is $301,441. This sets the property taxes in Portland at around $3,000. This is a bit higher than in Arizona, but still much lower than the national average. The cost of living in the area is lower as well.

 3.       Tallahassee, Florida

According to U.S. News, in Tallahassee, Florida, the cost of living is low, the home prices are average, and the entertainment is endless for new retirees looking for a low-cost area in which to enjoy the best years of their lives. The population in Tallahassee is about 170,000, so you get a big-city feel without drowning in people. There are many great retirement communities in the area, and there are plenty of quality medical facilities scattered throughout the city as well. In addition, there are college sports events and music and arts festivals year-round in this lively retirement haven nestled in the Deep South.