Don’t Just Think Savings Goals: Write Them Down

If you have savings goals planned in your head, you’re doing better than some other people who fail to think of any at all. However you could be doing better still – and all you need to do it is a pen.

This might sound strange but there is a world of difference between thinking about a particular goal (in any area of life) and writing it down. We all know our thoughts are like so much flotsam – they float around up there between our ears and get lost and forgotten so easily. Compare this to a thought that is committed to paper or to a document saved on your computer if you prefer. Ideally you’ll do both and keep copies wherever you are most likely to see them.

Here’s an interesting fact I came across the other day while researching goals. According to one study, if you write down your goals you are 42% more likely to make them happen. Isn’t that amazing? It’s a huge difference when you consider that most goals aren’t reached. Simply writing those goals down can boost your success rate.

Writing down your goals also makes it a lot easier to specify exactly what you want to achieve. For example, let’s say you want to invest more money in the next few months. You could write that down as your goal just as it is, but it isn’t very specific. This is where writing things down can really boost your chances of success. When you see that goal in writing you’ll be motivated to specify exactly what it is you want. You need to look at a time scale to work in. You need to decide how much you want to invest. You also need to think about what kind of percentage interest you want to earn on that investment.

As you can see, written goals make it a lot easier to get the specifics down. You can see them in concrete form and adjust them as necessary. This is far easier than trying to keep them in mind – particularly if you have more than one goal you want to achieve. It doesn’t work well to try and aim for too many goals at once, but there is nothing wrong with aiming for a half dozen or less. Now think about having six goals all in place at the same time – and not writing any of them down. It would be near impossible to try and focus on them all so you could work towards attaining them one by one.

If you have goals in mind – whether they are focused on financial aims or anything else – you can probably now see how important it is to write them down. In fact why not grab a pen and some paper now and get them down in written form while it is still fresh in your mind? Keep them close by and make sure you refer to them constantly. You might be surprised at the results.