Drastic Ways to Cut Down, Spend Less and Save More

Every now and then we publish a post that focuses on saving money. After all you need to free up the cash you want to invest, otherwise you won’t be able to achieve your goals.

Some people are better than others at cutting back. However, if you are looking around and wondering how on earth you could have some cash left to make an investment with, we’ve come up with a few more drastic ideas to try.

1: downsize

It doesn’t matter if you rent or pay a mortgage. Take a look around your home and consider whether you really need to live in the size property you are currently in. Of course if you’ve got a tiny property this is really a moot point. But it is worth considering.

The other option is to think about moving to a different area that is invariably cheaper. For example if you live in a city maybe you could move to the outskirts. You’ll need to weigh up travel costs as they’ll change, not to mention travel time, but it could work. And not mention, you have to cut a lot on vacation, if you don’t want to give it up completely, then go for options like a Stuttgart Marriott Hotel Sindelfingen, which can be much cheaper.

2: go veggie

This is pretty extreme for a lot of people. However, most meals are made more expensive for adding meat to them. Vegetarian meals don’t have to be dull or bland – in fact they can be quite the opposite. If you try to add, say, three or four veggie meals a week to your cookery repertoire, you’ll be surprised how much you can save. You’ll likely feel healthier for it too.

3: cut out cable

Plenty of us would say watching TV was a hobby. It can be a huge time drain though – not to mention a financial one too. Some people rack up huge amounts for their cable service each month. When you add up how much you’ll save over the course of a year you might be surprised.

The other good thing about this step is you’ll free up plenty of time to do other things. You might brainstorm other ways to save money and consider ways to invest it wisely. You might also come up with different ways to earn some extra cash. Not watching TV has a lot going for it!

There are plenty more things you can do to cut down on your outgoings so you can free up some cash to invest in whatever area you want to. The key thing is to have a plan. If you can do this you’ll stand a chance of finding savings in other areas as well. Being logical and looking into the more drastic ways to cut down on your outgoings is well worth doing. It might feel drastic to begin with, to say the least, but once you’ve gotten started you might be surprised how much cash is left at the end of the month.

Try it today and aim for a bigger investment fund by the end of the year. Now that’s a target worth aiming for.