Logical Tricks to Find More Money to Save and Invest

You can read and talk about investing all you like. But if you don’t have money to invest your talk will get you nowhere.

You may look at your income and expenses and think that you couldn’t find any money to invest at the present time. You need to get out of this mindset if you are going to push towards putting some successful investments in place for the future – whether it is for the short, medium or long term.

So with this in mind, here are some tricks for doing just that.

1: reduce your bills

Some bills are fixed. But others can be reduced. Shop around for a new mobile phone deal that suits your needs and costs less than the one you have now or switch to a hosted PBX system for your business to save even more money. Repeat the process with all the other bills that can be adjusted in a similar way.

2: earn more money

Can you find another part time job to earn a little extra? This depends on your circumstances and the jobs that are available that you can do, of course, but it is worth thinking about. You could also consider moving up in the industry you are already in. Look for another position that would allow you to earn more money.

3: sell off anything you no longer want or need

This is another good way of generating extra cash that can be funneled into investments of all kinds. It is said that we all have a few thousand dollars worth of items we don’t use or need. If you could find those items and sell them – maybe on eBay for example – you might be surprised how much cash you can generate as a result. Go through each room at a time if you feel overwhelmed doing your whole house and life in one go.

4: look for an investment that pays more interest than one you have at the moment

Even if it is a regular savings account, you’ll probably find a better deal somewhere else if you have held the account for a while. Always check regularly to see if you can find anything better with another bank or provider. You could be losing money on existing savings or investments without even realizing it.


As you can see it doesn’t matter what situation you are in, you can always find a way to generate and create extra cash to invest in some way. Make sure you go through all the above techniques. You may be able to use all of them to some extent. If you find, say, $20 from one technique and $40 from another one, you’ll have more cash all told than if you just used one technique.

It will take time to make the most of these techniques but the outcome should be more than worth it. This is especially true when you have investments to create for the future – you never know what you can achieve when you try.