Six Months In: Have You Failed in Some of Your 2013 Financial Aims?

If you remember, around three months ago we looked at how your financial goals might be shaping up for the year. We tend to start a New Year with good intentions in many ways, not least of which is the financial sense. Of course things don’t always pan out as we hope they will, and even with the best intentions our plans can derail.

So while we looked in on progress three months ago, perhaps we should now do so again, now we are virtually halfway through the year. By now you will probably have stuck with some financial goals and all but abandoned others. Thus it is a good time to think about where you are heading for the remainder of the year. After all, there are still six months to go and if you refocus your energies now, it may not yet be too late to embark on some of the goals you have abandoned.

Why did you forget certain goals?

If you abandoned one or more financial goals, this is the time to ask yourself why. Did you find the goal did not actually meet your needs after all? Did you perhaps think some goals were more important than others, and so you focused on those first of all? It is not a problem to prioritize your goals; indeed it is often a good idea to do so. If you can do this you will generally find you achieve more because you focus on one above all others, and then move on to other goals.

When you review your goals, look at the ones you set to one side. Do you want to pick them up again or would you rather let them fall by the wayside? It isn’t wrong to go for the latter approach; you simply have to know whether you have genuinely no longer got a passion or need for that goal.

Finding a purpose for the next six months

If you want to make sure you get the most out of your year, now is the time to make sure you refocus. Look at the goals you have achieved and consider what else you could achieve in a financial sense for the remainder of the year. Even if you cannot fully achieve a goal in six months, you may at least be able to get closer to achieving it. It all depends on the goal, but you must make it realistic so you know how to make the most of the time you have left this year.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you are pleased with your financial progress thus far this year or not. It is what you choose to do from this moment on that will make all the difference. If you can make sure you are able to do your best and refocus your energies on your financial goals, you may still achieve more than you may think.