What are Fidelity Mutual Funds?

Most Americans are familiar with the name Fidelity. It is the name of a private corporation offering a range of financial services. More than sixty years old, the corporation is known for providing North Americans with a huge range of products of all kinds, particularly mutual funds.

Fidelity mutual funds are investments offered specifically by this corporation. Since Fidelity is one of the biggest organizations of its kind in the world, it should not come as a surprise to learn it offers a wide selection of mutual funds. Indeed there are several hundred of them: each designed to appeal to a particular type of investor.

How can you find out more about Fidelity mutual funds?

The best place to go is their website. They have a dedicated section on mutual funds that provides you with all the information you will need. This includes funds that have four and five stars, as well as news and analysis on all the latest developments in their funds market.

The best word of advice to give here is to take your time exploring the website and finding out more about Fidelity as well. This will provide you with a good background to the corporation so you are able to find out as much as you can in advance of investing any money in a mutual fund.

How can you choose the best fund for your own needs from Fidelity?

Once you are on the main page for the mutual fund section of their website, you’ll see a link for Fidelity mutual funds. When you click on this the section will expand to provide you with several options. One of these is to browse their funds, and you can do this in a number of different ways.

For example you can look through the range of funds that are available. These include stock funds, bond funds, international funds and money market funds. You’ll find the majority – nearly half – are tied up with the stock market, while a quarter are bond funds.

You can also use a sliding scale that lets you gauge the balance you want to achieve, i.e. conservative growth or aggressive growth, plus other options in between. Alternatively simply search the portfolio from Fidelity by name. This is ideal if you have heard of a particular fund and you want to find it more quickly.

Is Fidelity the best place to go to when searching for a mutual fund to invest in?

There are other mutual fund providers you could go to, of course. Furthermore it is always advisable to research the market so you can find the best possible range of mutual funds on the market today.